In On-The-Go

New for the Spring and Summer –
Only available at G.E Brown!

All packages come in a styrofoam cooler with an ice pack and utensils so you can grab it and go.
Please order 72 hours in advance, for pick up only.

The Surfside Cooler

2 Containers G.E. Chicken Salad
2 Containers Classic Egg Salad
2 Packages Cheese Twists
2 Packages Gluten Free Bites
2 Packages Seasonal Crudites, Hummus
4 Gluten Free Muffins
4 Assorted Spindrift Beverages

The Montauk Cooler

4 Turkey, Kale, Herbed Aioli Sandwiches
1 Piece La Tur Cheese Round
1 Box La Panzanella Crackers
2 Yogurt Jam Parfait Cups
1 Bottle “Employees Only” Bloody Mary Mix
1 Piece Olli Salumi
1 Box Marcona Almonds
4 Bottles Fiji Water

The Fishers Cooler

2 Quinoa & Shaved Brussels Salads
2 Quarts Garden Gazpacho
4 Mini Kids Jam and Creamcheese Sandwiches
4 Curried Chicken Salad Wraps
1 Bag of 12 Wrapped Caramels
2 O2 Living Fresh Start Juice
4 Honest Kids Juice Boxes
1 Bottle “Employees Only” Bloody Mary Mix
2 “Just Fruit” Containers

The Vineyard Cooler

2 Quarts Garden Gazpacho
2 Ham & Gruyere Baguettes
2 Brie & Apricot Baguettes
4 Bags Saratoga Potato Chips
2 G.E. Salad Noodle Bowls
4 Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Jumbo Cookies
4 Honest Kids Juice Boxes
4 Bottles Fiji Water

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